Cessna 152

Cessna 152                  ***SOLD***  $31,900

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General Info
Make: Cessna Registration Number: N94652
Model: 152 Serial Number: 15285752
Model Year: 1983 Engine: 0-235-N2C (108 hp)
Location: Braden, PA (N43) Engine TBO:
2400 hrs recommended
Gear: Fixed Prop: Fixed
Logbook Time
Total Time: (Hours since New) 7953 Log books
Engine: (Since Major Overhaul) 1111 Prop:  (Since Major Overhaul)  
Maintenance Info
Annual due: (Date) August, 2010
IFR Certification Due: June, 2010
ELT Due: August, 2011
AD's complete? (Yes / No) Yes, all 337's and 8130's complete
Type of Engine Overhaul: Lycoming Factory Overhaul (April 23, 1998)
New Airtex rug, reupholstered seats, and side panels New brakes, l/h and r/h calipers and discs
New aircraft belts and new seat rails  
  Make / Model
NAV/COM #1: King KX155 Nav/com/GS with KI208 Nav/Loc Ind.
NAV/COM #2: Garmin SL40 com & King KN53 Nav/GS with KI208 Nav/Loc Ind.
Transponder: King KT76A with Aeromech Encoding Alt. 8140B
Audio Panel: PS Engineering PMA 6000ML
GPS: King KLN89B VFR Certified
OAT: Davtron clock with OAT model 803
Other: Garmin 396 mount & cable interfaced to avionics bus
Other: Nite lites on all instrmnts except for internal lighted units
Other: Avionics bus with emergency bypass switch
Color(s): White w/ gold trim
Paint Condition:
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Color(s): Blue
Fabric: Vinyl
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Glass condition: Excellent
Cruise Speed: (at 75% power) 106 kts *
Useful Load: (remaining after full fuel) 372 lbs * (528 lbs empty)
Fuel Capacity: 26 gal std
Fuel burn: (average) 6.67 GPH *
Range: 315 nm *
Specific Range: ((Efficiency = Cruise Speed ÷ Lbs per hour of fuel burn) (The higher the number, the better the efficiency)) 2.65
* Note: Performance figures are estimates based on best available information (from POH, Vref, etc.) and may not be exact for this particular aircraft.

Cessna modernized the proven 150 design and delivered the first 152 in 1977 as the 1978 model year.  Cessna’s design goals were to improve useful load with a gross weight increase to 1670 lbs, decrease internal and external noise levels, and run better on the then newly introduced 100LL fuel.  The 152 was intended to compete with the new Piper Tomahawk and Beechcraft Skipper which were both introduced that same year. Production ended in 1985 after a total of 7,584 airplanes rolled off of the assembly line, including A152 and FA152 Aerobat variants.

The Cessna 152 is one of the most popular small airplanes ever produced.  It is forgiving of mistakes and easy to fly.  The high wing configuration means that visibility from the cockpit is excellent.  Many Cessna 152s are privately owned and used for $100 hamburger flights and long trips as well.  It is also quite adequate for short field landings and turf strips.  As such, thousands of people are proud to have learned to fly in it and it still remains one of the best training aircraft available.

This 152 is one of the best examples available.  It has been meticulously owned and maintained by an A&P and Avionics Technician as his own personal aircraft.  This airplane is ready to go!  Give Mike a call!

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