News - 2014

You never kow what you might see when visiting Air-Mods!

Ric Asplundh was recently test-flying his newly restored Pitcairn autogyro at Robbinsville!  The Posey Brothers, located on the east end of the airport, are not only experts in vintage aircraft restoration, but are probably the most knowledgeble specialists with Pitcairn airplanes and autogyros.  This 1932 PA-18 autogyro has a Kinner five-cylinder engine which only powers the 40-foot rotors for take-off.  Once forward speed is achieved, the power take-off is disengaged and the forward momentum keeps the rotors spinning and creating lift.  Ric and the Posey Brothers team have done a fantastic job with this restoration!  Congratulations!


Air-Mods Called-Upon to Install Ferry Tank for Amelia Earhart's Around-The-World Flight!

In July 1937, Amelia Mary Earhart, and her navigator Fred Noonan, disappeared over the South Pacific in their Lockheed Electra while attemping to become the first woman to fly around the world.  This has become one of history’s greatest mysteries. On June 26, 2014, Amelia 'Rose' Earhart and her co-pilot, Shane Jordan, departed on their 24,300 nautical mile flight to recreate and symbolically complete Amelia Earhart’s flight around the world.  (Click here for more info about Amelia's upcoming flight)

Air-Mods, due to their ferry tank experience, was hired to install a 203 gallon ferry tank in the Pilatus PC-12, loaned by Pilatus for this historic flight.  Dave Mathiesen and Matt Pereira, of Air-Mods, led the tanking project working with Pilatus' engineers at their Colorado operations at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.  While Dave managed the overall project and the coordination with Pilatus' engneers, Matt focused on the development of the drawings and operating manual required for DER approval and worked with Shane Kamasa on the tank build-up, plumbing, and installation of the internal fuel pumps.  The rigid ferry tank, which supplies fuel to the 1,200 SHP turbine engine, increases the range and safety margin by about 1,000 nautical miles, extending the range to 2,500 nautical miles.  We're all tracking the flight which is planned to be showcased at EAA's Airventure in late July.    

203 gallon ferry tank Pilatus PC-12 - soon to be global flyer


Air-Mods' Cherokees Get New Interiors

Air-Mod's is refurbishing the interiors of most of the Cherokee rental airplanes. N438IL was just completed and is back on the flight line ready for flying. One by one, the Cherokee rental fleet will be refurbished with new interiors including new vinyl seat covering, sidewalls, carpeting, and head liners. Dave commented that, "While our airplanes are in good condition mechanically, the wear and tear of constant rental use is taking its toll on the interiors. We want our renters to feel good about what they're flying, and a nice interior is part of that overall experience." So, check-out N438IL if you can catch it on the ground.